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Looking for a fun Christmas present? Then try the SoundMoovz wristband for 2017.

Soundmoovz Musical Bands and App - Black

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  • Moving your wrists or ankles sends Bluetooth signals to the SoundMoovz App. 400 pre-set sounds create beats, rhythms, music and more.
  • Connect to a wireless speaker for louder music
  • Styles may vary
  • Compatible with leading Smartphones/Devices. Minimum Requirement for App: iOS 10 or up, Android: 4.4 or up. Smart Devices are not included.
  • Contents: 2 x SoundMoovz Bandz and a free downloadable app. Batteries included.

These wacky and somewhat daft motion wristbands will be all the rage this Christmas and especially as they’ve been reviewed and advertised by Phillip Schofield on the BBC.

So what are SoundMoovz?

SoundMoovz is a new wearable motion-activated musical band & App.  They are very simple and surely there was something similar in the 90’s but hey ho, if the kids want them, then they want them.

How do they work?

By moving your wrists or ankles or wherever you’ve placed the bands activates the SoundMoovz bands and sends a Bluetooth signal to the SoundMoovz APP on your handheld device.

How Many Sounds Are There?

There are over 400 pre set sounds and noises to choose from so you can select noises, beats, rhythms music and lots more.  Places to wear the bands for best results are wrists, ankles, and shoelaces.

8 Total Score

Lots of fun and a great Xmas present especially for those Xmas day antics

Value for Money
Thank you Mum
  • Fun
  • Hours of laughter
  • Suitable for Children & Adults
  • Not cheap
  • Must own a phone
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Review Explained


Seems to be one of those Christmas day presents where everyone will want a go and the newness will then die down.

Hours of Laughter

Guaranteed but unless its Christmas or Birthdays it won’t see a lot of use.  Although, could be a fun way of keeping fit.

Thanks Mum

Will this gift be unwrapped and then tossed to one side or will Mummy get a thank you?  I believe when this present is unwrapped there’ll be a quick thank you, a quick look of what is it? Then there’ll be the fad time for a few hours then it’ll be in the toy chest.



7 new from £45.37
Last updated on January 15, 2018 9:22 am

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