Things to consider before buying a Pop up Gazebo

Thinking about buying a pop up gazebo sometime soon?  Well check out my guide bore you actually take the plunge and buy, you’ll later thank me for it…

3 Important Features of a Pop up Gazebo

When deciding to buy a pop up gazebo ut is especially important to decide exactly what purposes you will need to use your new gazebo for.  Will it be days out, back garden activities, to be used as a one-off or a maybe a large family gathering.

Still, there are things you need to decide upon, such as;

  1. Will it need to be waterproof?
  2. Do you need a strong gazebo?
  3. With or without sides?
  4. Pop up or connecting poles?
  5. What colour?

There are lots more questions but above is just a few and possibly the most important.


How important is your event?

Most events will require you to have a waterproof pop up gazebo.    If it’s not waterproof then there’s a chance your brand spanking new gazebo may collapse by the canopy soaking up the rain and becoming heavy and adding pressure to the legs and frame of the gazebo.

Strong Gazebo

Ideally, a gazebo needs to be strong.  Unless your event is just a one-off and nice weather is expected then you may get away with a cheap, weaker gazebo but generally, I won’t recommend low priced budget gazebos.

With or Without sides?

Personally, I recommend you buy a gazebo with sides as then you have the choice of whether you use the side panels or not.  At least if you have them then you have the choice.

They add more privacy to your event and are ideal for the more intimate occasions such as; hot tub parties etc.

Pop up Gazebo or Connecting Poles

Personally, I’d always choose a pop up gazebo over one where you have to connect the poles together.  A pop up gazebo is generally a case of lifting the frame off the ground and walking backward.

The frame will pop out and then its just a case of lifting the canopy up and clicking into place.


What Colour?

Frankly speaking, you wouldn’t take a white gazebo camping,  Understand my trail of thought?

Therefore, green and blue for camping

White for weddings, etc

Blue and black for most other events

Red to stand out, mayb car boot sale, dog shows etc.


Hope this quick guide helps you, more coming soon



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